Wind of change; 2021; Alina Voronezhskaya

Acrylic on canvas 80x 60cm



"This canvas originally featured my portrait. The moment I finished it, I had already known it would be a different picture there.

One morning I woke up and realized the time had come. I painted over the portrait with black paint. Was I scared? I was. We always have a fear of change. But I knew exactly I had to do it.

The shape of the woman in this picture symbolizes courage, determination, internal and external strength. Her legs stand confidently and firmly on the ground - this is a symbol of inner support. The upper part of her body is graceful and flexible - this is the feminine principle, this is the ability to be flexible to circumstances.

Her image is in harmony with all the elements around: fire, air, water, earth.

The sun symbolizes the awakening of inner fire, the opening of potential, the exit from the shadow.

The earth is her support, it symbolizes life, growth, prosperity.

Water is vital energy, strength. Water fills her. We also see how a wave rises above the woman. Perhaps it will cover her with her head. This kind of energy is beautiful and dangerous at the same time.

Wind. We don’t see it, but it’s present in the picture. The woman stands facing the wind, it develops her hair, it creates raging waves.

This is the wind of change. Turning away from it, it will entangle her hair / thoughts and even knock her off her feet. But she found the strength in herself to go against the wind, to go to meet the changes, to find herself."

WIND OF CHANGE 80x 60cm; Alina Voronezhskaya