The Serpent, 2021; Alina Voronezhskaya

Arcylic on canvas 85x 85cm



"This is the first work from the “Sharing Energy” series, it set the mood and style  for the entire series.

Vivid elements of this picture are filled with a hypnotic mixture of meanings.

The hand, as an instrument of creation, is represented in the picture by an open palm. The spread-out five fingers correspond to the number of human senses, they are like the rays of the sun, giving light and warmth.

The serpent coiled up in rings is a cycle of events, energy, the cosmic rhythm of life. This is a symbol of duality: female and male fertility, solar and lunar beginnings, light and darkness, good and evil, wisdom and blind passion, healing and poison, life and death.

The eye of the serpent in the center of the composition is both the search for truth, as the need of reason, and  trust in intuition, as a vital given of nature."

THE SERPENT; 85x 85 cm; Alina Voronezhskaya