Sleep of the Mind / Awakening the Body, 2020

Acrylic on canvas; 80x 120cm


This picture is divided into two parts: the one in the shade and the one in which the sunlight falls.

Everything that is associated with the rational part of thinking goes into the shadows. The books as a symbol of acquired knowledge. The plant - traversed path, experience. Brushes - kind of activity, need and ability to create. A glass of wine is a source of intoxication and relaxation of the mind.

Sunlight falls on the woman's body and on the part of the armchair in which she sits.  The awakening of sensuality, intuition, the ability to listen to oneself at a more subtle level beyond the control of rational thinking, becomes the accent of the picture . A cracked armchair becomes a symbol of the fragility of the material shell. It reminds us of the care and attention that we should give to the body.

SLEEP OF THE MIND 80x 120 cm; Alina Voronezhskaya